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We are an innovative SME, we design and develop solutions for our clients using Natural Language Processing and Semantic Technology in order to extract knowledge and create value from language data (speech and text). We provide consulting services in different areas of Natural Language Processing: speech technology, text mining, semantic search, sentiment analysis, clustering, ontologies, knowledge representation. We work closely and continuously with universities and research centers in Italy and abroad

Founded in 1999

Located in Torino, Piemonte, 10121

Region: Torino

Categories: Data/Technology, Legal Services

Target Market: Business to Business, Business to Government

Data Types: Geospatial, Education, Census, Legislation, Budget, Spending, Company Data

Regional Data Sources Used: Regione Piemonte

National Data Sources Used:, Camera Dei Deputati, Inps, Istat, Ministero Beni E Attività Culturali E Turismo