Evodevo S.R.L.

Research & Consulting

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Since 2007 Evodevo s.r.l is an innovation company specialized in Artificial Intelligence based software products. Evodevo is specialized in innovative semantic technologies, decisions support systems and GIS technologies. The founders have roots in industry and university, they have more than 20 years of working practice in multinational companies and research. They also have managed large industry and research projects (over 30M per project), even in an european context.

Founded in 2007

Located in Roma, Lazio, 00152

Region: Roma

Categories: Research & Consulting, Government

Target Market: Business to Business, Business to Government

Data Types: Geospatial, Transportation, International Trade, Health, Education, Census, Budget, Spending, Company Data, Tourism and Culture

Regional Data Sources Used: Regione Calabria, Regione Lazio

National Data Sources Used:, Inail, Inps, Istat, Ministero Beni E Attività Culturali E Turismo, Ministero Salute, Opencoesione