Planetek Italia S.R.L.


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Planetek's mission is to enable people to act in an aware and timely manner in order to live better and preserve the earth. We simplify the adoption of geospatial data in order to understand the world better. Planetek Italia is an Italian SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), established in 1994, which employs 45 men and women, passionate and skilled in Geoinformatics, Space solutions, and Earth science. We provide solutions to exploit the value of geospatial data through all phases of data life cycle from acquisition, storage, management up to analysis and sharing. We operate in many application areas ranging from environmental and land monitoring to open-government and smart cities, and including defence and security, as well as scientific missions and planetary exploration.

Founded in 1994

Located in Bari, Puglia, 70132

Region: Bari

Categories: Data/Technology, Geospatial/Mapping

Target Market: Business to Business, Business to Government

Data Types: Geospatial, Transportation, Environment and Climate

National Data Sources Used: Istat, Italia Sicura, Portale Cartografico Nazionale