TeamDev S.R.L.


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TeamDev’s core business is engineering your business to maximize its value: We realize with you and for you innovative solutions providing our experience, professionalism and passion. During these years we have realized a set of products that today represent TeamDev’s ecosystem: multi-device solutions, “open” for integrations with other products and able to answer to the Client’s needs by modularity and adapting the offer to the growing contingencies and changes affecting any Organization. Overall, we are recognized in the market for dealing frameworks and software, ranging from geographic information systems to web and mobile applications.

Founded in 2008

Located in Collazzone, Umbria, 06050

Region: Perugia

Categories: Government, Food & Agriculture

Target Market: Business to Business, Business to Government

Data Types: Geospatial, Health, Environment and Climate, Census, Tourism and Culture

Regional Data Sources Used: Regione Toscana, Regione Umbria

National Data Sources Used:, Ministero Beni E Attività Culturali E Turismo, Ministero Economia E Finanze, Ministero Salute, Ministero Sviluppo Economico