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Reply’s offer is aimed at fostering the success of its customers through the introduction of innovation along the whole economic digital chain. Given its knowledge of specific solutions and due to a consolidated experience, Reply addresses the main core issues of the various industrial sectors. Reply services include Consulting, System Integration and Digital Services. Reply’s offer covers three areas of competence: Processes, Applications and Technologies.

Founded in 2002

Located in Torino, Piemonte, 10143

Region: Torino

Categories: Data/Technology, Software

Target Market: Business to Government

Data Types: Geospatial, Transportation, Environment and Climate, Budget, Spending, Company Data, Tourism and Culture

Regional Data Sources Used: Regione Lazio, Regione Lombardia

National Data Sources Used:, Inail, Inps, Istat, Ministero Affari Esteri, Ministero Beni E Attività Culturali E Turismo, Ministero Economia E Finanze, Ministero Sviluppo Economico