YouCity S.R.L.


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YouCity is an innovative startup which has the goal of supporting citizens and pubblic and no profit organizations in the implementation of projects with public and social impact. Through the website and app of YouCity, Public Administrations and no profit organizations focused on public ecosystem development can have a showcase for their projects, ask to citizen-users to vote for their preferred ones and then launch online campaigns for crowdfunding or crowdsourcing to gather the resources needed to accomplish the choosen projects goals. With YouCity, citizens have a prominent role in improving their city ecosystem not only by expressing their preference and by supporting projects of interest as volunteers or with small donations but also by sumbmitting project ideas for the organizations on the platform.

Founded in 2017

Located in Milano, Lombardia, 20122

Region: Milano

Categories: Data/Technology, Research & Consulting

Target Market: Business to Business, Business to Government

Data Types: Geospatial, Census, Election

National Data Sources Used:, Istat